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Konza-Kids Dairy Goats started with a few French Alpine does in 1983.  Oberhasli were added to the herd in 1984.  Due to the limited access to quality bucks in our area at the time, much of our progress was made by way of artificial insemination or cross-breeding. 


We no longer have French Alpine or Purebred Oberhasli.  We have used bucks from many historic herds along the way.   Redwood Hills and Sodium Oaks are prevalent in our Alpines.  Our herd has recently added several Oberhasli bucks from Sir Echo Farms with impressive results.


Together with our partner herd, Caprikanza, owned by Michaela Sievers, we breed for correctness in conformation, longevity, and production in the pail.  We have been participating in DHIR since 1986, and frequently have our herd evaluated through Linear Appraisal.  Michaela also has bred Saanen.


We practice strict CAE prevention with annual testing of our animals, and all animals have been CAE negative for many years.  Our herd has always been CL free. 


Dr. Deb Mangelsdorf is a Veterinarian with a special interest in Goats, and Michaela is attending Palmer College of Chiropractic Medicine.


We are located in the lovely Flint Hills of NE Kansas.



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